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The idea of Righteous Millennials was born during a research project in the last year of my degree. I was always interested in feminists graphic novels and I wanted to create one myself.


The initial narrative draft:

  • Five female characters would represent the current human condition and contemporary political, social and economical issues;

  • Right To Be Angry, Right To Do Nothing, Right To Run Away, Right To Rock N Roll, and Right To Love - the five heroines, aged 23-30, diverse social and ethnic backgrounds, all living in the UK;

  • Throughout the narrative the reader would get to know them and how they relate to vices, follies and abuses most Millennials engage in;

  • The satirical graphic novel would shame and ridicule individuals, government and society itself, in a funny and light-hearted way.

If you are a writer or storyteller and would like to be involved in this project, please get in touch.

If you're passionate about socio-economic and political circumstances in today's society, if you dip in philosophy and feminism, please get in touch.

I'm by no means ready to produce such novel on my own and I would love to collaborate with like-minded people to finish this piece.