This book is a response to Science as Social? - Yes or No and The best man for the job may be awoman... and other alien thoughts on affirmativeaction in the academy. Both essays, written by philosopher Susan Haack, are featured in her book Manifesto of a Passionate Moderate. The author of the text offers refreshing and moderateviews on current issues around feminism, race,and politics that are affecting academia’s way of working and existing.


The carefully selected quotes are taken out of context and juxta positioned with photographs, creating a collage of ideas, criticism and solutions.The images, 35mm film photographs, are collections of memories from places visited by theauthor of this book in the last year.


Whether you are tired of trying to findan accurate label in the world of yes-or- no scenarios, whether you noticed that words like ‘feminism’, ‘ethnic minorities’,‘diversity’ and ‘self-esteem’ changedtheir meaning in last few years, whether it bothers you or not, whether you are here just for the aesthetics, which are equally important, I hope you can take something from this publication.